~Auction Gift Baskets~

We now have a list of themes for our Auction Baskets. These gift baskets are a very important part of our auction night. We need your help to fill them with wonderful gifts. Below is a list of themes for each grade. As usual no item is too large or too small, every little bit helps. Please help us make our gift baskets a huge success. Thanks to everyone who has been helping with the CCCS Auction thus far! – CCCS Auction Committee
Kinder – Camping

1st grade – Car Care

2nd grade – Pamper Me (gift cards to salons, pedicures, lotion/shower gels, foot scrubs etc.)

3rd grade – Gardening

4th grade – Pet Care

5th grade – Family Game Night/Family Activities

6th grade – Kitchen Must Haves

7th grade – Backyard BBQ

8th grade – Gift Card Basket (gift cards to any & all places, restaurants/retail etc.)

Contact Charity Wright or Andrea Cleveland with any questions.
Next Auction meeting: Tuesday, December 9th at 8:30 AM, Nana’s Cafe/Coburg Pizza Company. We hope to have a representative from each auction subcommittee present and any other auction volunteers that are able to attend.