~CCCS Annual Food Drive November 14th-18th~

The holidays are fast approaching and with that we have an opportunity to partner with the Coburg Food Pantry! We will be holding a school wide food drive. Our goal is to create food boxes with a traditional dinner theme then extend these resources to homes in need. If your student would like to participate, please bring the designated item per grade level listed below and place it in the box near their classroom.

  • Kinder    Box of stuffing
  • 1st            Can or box of chicken broth
  • 2nd              Jar of pickles
  • 3rd            Can of olives
  • 4th            Dinner rolls
  • 5th            Can of fruit cocktail
  • 6th            Baking item
  • 7th            Regular or sweet potatoes
  • 8th            Can of vegetables

This food drive will help CCCS represent our school’s mission and vision while creating an open dialogue with your child about the needs in our community.