~CCCS wants to thank the 4th grade Families~

With report cards and testing cresting the horizon, the staff was more than ready for the Mexican Fiesta put on by the families of the 4th grade.  Staff made more than one trip to the wonderful delights offered, tasting beans, and chicken and other rich flavors.  All agreed that the feeling of being stuffed was worth it as everything tasted scrumptious.  Lunchers’s expressions were enriched by the tantalizing flavors tempting their next bite.  Tacos and burritos got the laughter rolling.   With bellies full, (cupcakes, monster cookies and cheese cakes were not forgotten) the now contented staff headed back to their classrooms and desks to do the amazing things that they do.  The whole staff would like to extend their appreciation to the families of 4th grade students for the staff potluck today.