~CCCS wants to thank the 5th grade Families~

Oohs and awes were heard coming from the staff room and enticing aromas floated down the hall.  The 5th grade Families did an outstanding job with the staff potluck today and praises were bouncing through the air between yummy bites.  The staff would like to extend their appreciation to the families of 5th grade students for the delectable lunch.


Starting with the appetizers of fun cheeses and veggies, one would move on to the salads, to find them all delicious.  Then to the ham and meatballs, the twice baked sweet potatoes and scalloped potatoes which simply could not compare.  Grab a roll and then get ready for the chicken wild rice soup.  No one could stop talking about it.  There was definitely magic in the air as we all looked over the desserts, every one of them scrumptious.  Thank you for helping to get us all into the spirit of this joyous time of year.