~CCCS would like to thank the 7th grade Families~

Oh the fun of Fall!  Leaves were twirling in the wind outside CCCS’s doors wafting in a welcomed briskness.  Now mix that chill with the warm aroma of hearty soups and all knew that they were in for a treat at the Staff Potluck today.  Appreciation is extended to the 7th grade families for this fine spread.  A spinach, pesto, tomato, sausage/chicken bake was a hit as well as a Brussel sprout salad and quinoa salad with citrus dressing.  More delights for the veggie lover were found with a platter of mixed vegetables and dip.  And then of course, the Fall Harvest would not be complete without the desserts.  The star of the show was of course, pumpkin pie, but not to be upstaged was the pumpkin chai spice loaf and pumpkin spice bread.  There were frighteningly good Monster gluten free cookies (so all could indulge) and then of course, “Let them eat Cake!”  And indeed, we did!  Thank you so much for helping us all to feel the enchanting essence of the season of autumn.