~Coin Drive~

“It’s time to reach in those couch cushions, dig to the bottom of those purses, and find as many coins lying around as it is “Coin Drive” time!  From January 12th-30th, bring in all your coins to your classroom and help give back to the community of Coburg.  The money we raise will fund the community dinner as well as help buy food for the Coburg Food Pantry.  Up for a challenge?  There will be a 1st and 2nd place prize for a “theme day” to those classes who drum up the most money.  The 1st place prize will allow your class to wear any sports themed clothing to class for the entire day!  As for 2nd place, your class will get to come in for a “wacky tacky” dress day such as mismatched socks, ugly sweater, or coming in with a funky hairdo.  Get digging!

Here are the final Coin Drive numbers!

K   $39.50
1st $44.29
2nd $61.45
3rd $49.61
4th  $127.65
5th $35.48
6th $129.29
7th $21.83
8th $150.36

Grand Total: $659.46
Congratulations 8th grade, 6th grade, and 4th grade!  Thank you to all who participated!