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We learn new knowledge by building on what we already know. Students in Core Knowledge schools know a lot, because they are offered a coherent sequence of specific knowledge that builds year by year. Core Knowledge provides a broad base of knowledge and a rich vocabulary. It motivates students to learn and creates a strong desire to learn more and provides the knowledge necessary for higher levels of learning and helps build confidence.

For parents, Core Knowledge also provides a clear outline of what children are expected to learn in school. It encourages parents to participate in their children’s education both at home and in school.SONY DSC

Direct Instruction & Achievement Grouping – Our math and reading/writing curricula will enhance the Core Knowledge curricula and be taught through Direct Instruction. Students will be assessed at the beginning of the year in math then grouped by achievement level as the whole school participates in this subject at the same time.

Ongoing assessments will take place in order to ensure children are in the group that best suits their achievement level. Our math and reading/writing curricula will be chosen based on the premise that a child needs a good foundation in order to truly succeed in life and learning. These subjects will be taught to mastery.

Friday half day reserved for Skill Days, Assemblies, Community Service Projects, and Teacher Development.

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