~Direct Donation Drive- Double Your Donation Now! Wow!~


We are very fortunate to be part of such a generous community. As of today, Light Beam Industries has offered to MATCH ANY DONATION made to the Direct Donation Drive between December 1 and December 5; this offer is good for up to $2000!

For every dollar you donate Light Beam Industries will match your donation. For example, a $25 contribution will be matched with an additional $25, thus making a total of $50 available to the CCCS Technology Fund. Wow!

To date the Direct Drive and Math Madness fundraisers have raised $10,304.40 of our $13,500 goal! Thank you to all who have helped us get this far! If we are able to come up with an additional $2000, then Light Beam Industries will get us the rest of the way there. This is an incredible opportunity. Please submit your donations today to help us reach this very important goal. Don’t forget that your funds will help bring more technology into every classroom!