~Halloween and Harvest Festival Costume Dress Code and Expectations~

~Halloween and Harvest Festival Costume Dress Code~

In an effort to enjoy and celebrate Halloween at CCCS appropriately, respectfully, and in accordance with school rules, we ask that students use the attached guidelines when selecting a costume. If after reviewing the document you still have questions regarding the appropriateness of your costume idea, we encourage you to speak with Mrs. Ralls or Mrs. MonDragon.  Thank you!


~Community Harvest Festival Additional Expectations~

CCCS is looking forward to another fun-filled Harvest Festival. We highly encourage all of you to attend. Thank you to Mycah Fendrich for leading this event! Harvest is also a great volunteer opportunity and an easy way to work towards your 10 hours.

In addition to the costume dress code, we wanted to emphasize that Harvest is a community and family centered event; it is not a staff supervised event. ALL children/students must be accompanied by and supervised by an adult for the duration of their attendance. This includes middle school students.

Our middle school leaders are welcome to sign up to volunteer at this event, for example by helping to run one of the game booths. We know our younger students would be thrilled by this! If your middle school student decides to do this, please help to ensure he/she arrives for the shift on time.

See you there!

CCCS Administration