~Handbook Highlight~

Question:  If my child is late, can I drop my student off to go to the office and get their tardy slip on their own?  No, students arriving after 8:15 am are considered tardy and are required to be signed in by an adult at the office with a reason as to why they are late.  The student will then get an office pass (green ticket).  Students will not be allowed into class without an office pass.

Question:  Do I have to sign my student out if I have called the office ahead of time?  Yes, students are not permitted to leave the school grounds at any time during the school day unless a parent or guardian is present to escort them off school grounds.  Before leaving, the student must be signed out to the parent or the guardian and the reason for leaving given.  In order for your student to receive the maximum amount of instructional time possible, we ask that you wait until you have arrived at the office before requesting us to call him or her down.

Question:  Do I have to sign my student in when he or she is late even if they are coming back from a dental/medical appt?  Yes, the Parent is required to sign in the student at the office with a reason given and the student is to take the office pass (green ticket) to the teacher.