~Harvest Festival 10/28/16~Correction on Menu


Just a quick reminder that Harvest Festival is this Friday from 5:30-8pm. We are still in need of volunteers for the game booths, food servers, and clean up. Here is the link to sign up:


Also, pre-buying your food saves time and waiting in line during the event.  Please note that an earlier pre-order form listed Zizi with Meatballs.  This will not be served.  The correct form is below.  It is for Baked Potatoes. Please put your pre-order forms to the big black mailbox in front of the office by Thursday after drop off. We will send your tickets home with kiddos Thursday and Friday.

The electronic copy for you to print and send in an envelope with your money is attached below. If you need a copy of the order form, they are available by the computer in front of the office!