The Coburg School Story

SONY DSCThe City of Coburg was founded in 1847. The first school-house was built and district 43 was founded in 1865. As the city grew, a new school building was needed to house the increasing student population. In 1911 the new school building was completed.  The school, the city, and the nation weathered tough times. World War I, The Great Depression, and World War II left their mark, but the school continued to educate and support its students. It was there in good times too.  In the 1950’s community pride swelled as the Coburg Broncos became state champions in basketball and football.

 In 1962 District 43 was annexed by 4j School District, and Coburg High School was closed. For the first time in one hundred years Coburg students had to leave the city to complete their education. Although the loss of the high school and upper grades was difficult, the community rallied to support Coburg’s local elementary school.  When the school district’s budget grew tighter over the years, the community leveraged new resources to support its elementary school.

Community has been an integral part of our school throughout its history.

Generous contributions over the years from the Coburg Connections Program, the parent fundraising group “PCS”, and the city of Coburg, provided students at Coburg Elementary School with extra support, resources, and opportunities and further enhanced the strong relationship between the city and the school.

SONY DSCThe school has been a center of the community for generations. The presence of a small local school has not only provided a unique and fitting educational setting for Coburg’s children: it has shaped the character of the whole community.  As a former administrator notes, “the school has been a source of generational heritage: parents and grandparents would come in and fondly share their memories of their time at the school. It was also the focal point for organizing events when families and businesses had a need.”

Over the years, the regular threat of losing the town’s only school was very unsettling for the community.  Thus, in anticipation of the possible closure of Coburg Elementary School in 2010, a broad-based citizen group began working to organize a feasible strategy for sustaining a high quality local school in Coburg. Coburg Community Charter School is the result of that effort.

Coburg Community Charter School provides an opportunity for Coburg to continue to support its local school and its children in a distinctive new way. Coburg Community Charter School partnered with 4j School District to add a new school choice option for families both in and out of the district. Drawing from its history of strong community involvement and rich history, Coburg Community Charter School is able to uniquely nourish the minds and hearts of its students.