~How to Pay for Music Education in One Night~ (or maybe two or three nights)

Do you want help the music program at CCCS?  Now you can!

The Graff family, long-time supporters of music in schools, has graciously offered to partner with Mr. Powell and CCCS to raise money for the school music program. The Graffs have agreed to allow CCCS to collect fees at their parking lot during events at the Hult Center.  These fees will go directly to CCCS to purchase and/or refurbish instruments to enrich CCCS’s music classes and help with costs associated with band-related field trips.

Working at the Graff parking lot is fun and easy.  Bring your friends and family, hold a sign, wave, smile, and collect parking fees.  Teams usually work for 30-45 minutes per event.  It is a win-win situation: have fun, help the music program, and raise community awareness of our great music program at CCCS.

To reserve a shift at the lot or for more information contact Leah Claypool via: leahclaypool@gmail.com