~Inclement Weather~

As a rule, Coburg Community Charter School follows the direction of Eugene 4j in the case of inclement weather. If 4j cancels school, we will follow suit. If 4j has a delay, we too will share the same delay, with one exception. If 4j calls for a delay on a Friday, our school day is dramatically shortened from about four hours to less than two hours (10:15-12:00) and as a result we have decided that if a delay is to occur on a Friday, CCCS will be closed for the day. If the delay happens on a Monday-Thursday, we will follow the delay as outlined by 4j. As always, even if school is in session, please use your best judgement to determine road safety before deciding to head to school.

When schools close or bus routes change due to hazardous winter weather, you want to know as quickly as possible. There are several ways to get the news on snowy or icy days:

  • Text–messagealerts via Twitter (go to 4j.lane.edu/weather to learn how to sign up)
  • 4J website, 4j.lane.edu
  • KRVM 91.9 FM
  • Other radio and television news stations