Volunteers are the life blood of our school!  Charter schools rely heavily on volunteers to make up for funding shortages and CCCS is grateful to have a wonderful pool of dedicated volunteers.  We would be honored if you were able to help in one of the following areas:

Recess/Classroom ActivitiesRegular volunteers are needed in the classrooms & in other areas of the school.
Contact: CCCS Office

Fluoride – Weekly volunteers are needed to help children swish fluoride– 1 day a week for about 15 min.
Contact: CCCS Office

Skills Day Skills day volunteers are invited to teach a group of children a particular skill during a designated 4-week period. We currently have several Skill Day Sessions throughout the year, and need both skill instructors and assistants for each sesssion. We encourage skills that can mix age groups/grades, so please let us know what grade level is appropriate for the particular skill and how many children you can teach at a time.
Contact: Jen Kelley: j.kelley@coburgcharter.org

NewsletterA school newsletter will go home regularly and will include a letter from the principal, any important information/dates from the office, and other general information about the school or happenings related to the school.  If you have an article or important announcement that you would like to put in the newsletter, please contact Mrs. Ralls  to find out the deadline for submission and to get approval on the article/information.
Contact: Mrs. Ralls; l.ralls@coburgcharter.org

Classroom CoordinatorsClassroom coordinators help the teachers find volunteers to fill needs in the classrooms, for events and field trips. If you are interested in helping in the classroom or on an ongoing basis or for special projects/events, please contact the office for the classroom coordinator contact info. for each particular grade.
Contact: CCCS Office

CCCS Ambassador – We are looking for parents/volunteers who are willing to become ambassadors on behalf of CCCS.  Specifically this would include networking/relationship building with local businesses and organizations that might be willing to partner with us to enhance our programs or fulfill a need. Volunteer and help us establish partnerships around the community.
Contact: Will Lewis: w.lewis@coburgcharter.org

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these activities, please contact the individual that is listed that coordinates that particular area. All volunteers must have a completed and approved background check on file prior to volunteering.  This check needs to be done every year.  This form along with a signed Privacy Statement and Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement need to be turned into the Administrative Secretary.

Background Check Form PDF

Privacy Statement and Volunteer Confid Agrmt pdf

If you will be volunteering to drive, please also fill out the Auto Insurance Verification Form and turn it into the School Secretary.

Auto Insurance Verification Form-pdf