~Jog-a-thon Results~

A huge thank you goes out to our students who showed grit and determination, to our families, and to the community for helping us to reach our goal of $12,000.  We raised $14,247.05.  With the goal being met, the students have earned Free Dress Day on Thursday, October 12th, while the staff must adhere to the dress code guidelines set forth in the Parent Student Handbook.  Although students are being given “Free Dress”, we still need to enforce appropriate school attire.  This means all bottoms (e.g. shorts, skirts, dresses, etc.) must be at least mid-thigh length or longer and all shirts/tops/dresses must cover the shoulder area and entire midriff region of the torso.  In addition, due to students still participating in PE, athletic shoes must be worn.  Students not dressed appropriately will have to change or call parents.

A COURAGEOUS thank you and special shout out to our staff who braved the cold in the dunk tank! Mrs. Campbell, Mr. Lovendahl, Ms. Monterrosa, Ms. Kelley, and Mr. Sepulveda… THANK YOU!

At our assembly on Thursday, Mrs. Campbell will be KISSING A PIG in celebration!! ALSO, we’ll be doing the raffles to determine who will receive PRIZES! CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE!!!