~Let’s hear it for the 2nd grade Family Heroes~

With the coming of Spring Break, students and teachers alike are counting the hours until they can sleep in and truly adjust to the time change.  The staff of CCCS would like to thank the 2nd grade class for being our heroes.  The baked potato bar that you provided was just the kick we needed to boost our energy for these next couple of days.  All the toppings you could want were on hand.  There was even extra cheese in the fridge!  As if a fully loaded baked potato wasn’t enough, there was also chili and broccoli cheese soup.  (Many of us delighted in using these as additional toppings).  The greens were not forgotten with a delicious salad (fun toppings were provided for this too)  . . . And then there were the desserts.  A spring bouquet of brightly colored, delicious cookies and brownies had us all rolling our satisfied selves back to our classrooms.