Piano needs a home! Start the bidding…

~Note from Mr. Powell~

There is a nice “school” piano in our music room that needs a new home. That home could be yours. If you or your family could use a “real” piano, we are selling it through a bidding process. Bidding begins at $20.00 and the bidding will close at4:00 p.m. this coming Friday Oct. 3. Bids (and any appointments to visit/play the piano) should be emailed to Mr. Powell before the Friday deadline. Highest bid gets the piano. The piano is in good, fundamental shape but we have too many and need to cull the herd. The winning family will be able to take it home the following week.

The funds we raise through this purchase will help us buy a nice piano dolly for our existing classroom piano. Thank you for considering and let the bidding begin!

Stay Sharp,
Mr. Powell