Report an Absence

To report a same day absence please email:

  • Include student’s full name
  • Include student’s grade
  • Include reason for absence

You may also call the office at 541-344-4113 and include the above information in a message or to the secretary.

** New this year: For pre-planned or pre-arranged absences, you must fill out the Pre-Arranged Absence Form  for each child and give it to the child’s teacher.  The teacher will recommend to the principal if the absence will be excused or not.

Pre-Arranged Absence Form

Senate Bill 895 and Oregon Administrative Rules 333-050-0010 through 0140 requires schools to share immunization and exemption rates.

2016 Immunization & Exemption Rates

2017 CCCS Immunization Rates

Immunization Rates 02-07-18