The link below takes you to a set of resources that have been provided for you and your student to use from home.  Most of the links do not require a user name and password.  For those that do, please contact your student’s teacher to see whether this is something that your student should be working on at home.  Generally, the IXL website for math is fine for students to use even though it requires a user name and password.  Any site that does not require a password may be used at any time.

We would like to highlight a couple of resources on this portal that might be of interest to you and your student.  K-5 students have access to an online reading program called Tumblebooks.  This resource was funded by our parent club and our staff is very excited about having this available to use at school and home.  In addition, there is a section dedicated to resources for parents.  We encourage you to let us know if you find other helpful websites.

For the most part, the portal has been organized by grade level to make it easier to determine which resources are appropriate for your student.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding these resources, please contact your student’s teacher.

Access portal by clicking on the following link: