~School Counseling and Your Student(s)~

Beginning the week of January 25th, 2016, Coburg Community Charter School will have a school counselor on site one day a week to assist students and staff. The counseling position will be filled by Mr. Rob Stein, who has an Oregon school counselor license and is currently employed by Eugene and Springfield School Districts as a K-12 guest teacher. Since we consider this to be a trial period for offering these counseling services, CCCS is offering a six-week commitment to Mr. Stein as we work to review and assess the continuing need of offering such services on site.
Below you will find additional details about the school counseling position and the services provided. Generally speaking, parents/guardians are not contacted to gain permission for services unless a counselor anticipates needing to meet with a student more than once about the same issue. If the counselor or another staff member anticipates that multiple meetings are needed or if the meeting will involve multiple students, parents/guardians will be contacted via email. Students can be referred to the school counselor by teachers, other staff, parents, or through self-referral. Any questions about our counseling services should be directed to r.stein@coburgcharter.org or s.mondragon@coburgcharter.org.


A school counselor is a support staff person a student can talk to in the academic setting, when they are upset or need problem-solving assistance so that they can return to class and focus on their learning.

A school counselor is not a therapist, but can make appropriate referrals as requested.


  • To provide support services & advocacy to students in need
  • Create a safe environment, where everyone belongs
  • Be a resource for teachers, staff & parents
  • Provide lessons & guidance to all students
  • Teach students skills to solve problems & how to handle their feelings

Referring to school counselor:

Counseling Schedule (8 hrs./wk.)

Tuesdays: 8:00-4:00 p.m.

We are pleased to offer this additional service to our students, families, and staff.

School Counseling Confidentiality Guidelines: http://www.school-counseling-zone.com/support-files/confidentiality-guidelines-for-school-counselors-short-version.pdf