~School-wide Spirit Week 06/12 – 06/15~

Monday June 12th – Future Me Day

Dress how you see yourself in the future. Ideas include dressing for a job you would like to have someday.

Tuesday June 13th – Crazy Hair Day

Style your hair the way you want on Crazy Hair Tuesday!

Wednesday June 14th – Movie and Book Character Costume Day

Dress like your favorite book or movie character!

Thursday June 15th – Sports Day w/ Broncos T-shirtRepresent your favorite team’s colors while rockin’ your Bronco T-shirt!

*All attire must be school appropriate and allow for safe & active participation in recess, P.E. and Field Day (no open-toed shoes).  Dress code length requirements still apply (shorts must be mid-thigh or longer, tops must cover midriff, etc.). Spaghetti straps may only be worn over a t-shirt.