~Springtime Fun with Young Rembrandts~

As the weather is beginning to improve Young Rembrandts  is getting ready for the Spring Sessions. The Spring Flyers will be going home this week with your students. Spring Session 1 begins March 13 and runs through April 27. Spring Session 2 begins March 1 and runs through June 1.

03-07-17 Young Rembrandts

Spring 2017

If you think your student is a budding architectural genius, he or she will love our city skyline lesson. Learning to develop and apply patterns is the focus as our artists venture out into the wild as they create an intricate zebra drawing.  The session will wrap up with cartoon drawings of bath time characters and waiting dogs.  If you have any questions, please see following contact information.

Amy James, Area Franchisee

Young Rembrandts, Inc. Willamette Valley

PO Box 40614

Eugene, OR 97404